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June 8th, 2013 Los Angeles, CA

I was a big fan of Twin Peaks when I was a kid. On the nights it aired, I would unplug the phone from the wall because I seriously did not want my viewing interrupted. When I found out that Meltdown Comics was hosting an artistic tribute to Twin Peaks called Damn Fine Coffee, I knew I’d be there…dressed as Special Agent Dale Cooper since I don’t actually possess the “twin peaks” needed to pull off an Audrey Horne sweater.

The opening reception was full of tasty pie, donuts and signature drinks with names like the “Laura Palmer”. The art was ridiculously underpriced and if I had more than a few pennies to my name, I would have been swiping up things left and right. And they were kind enough to make a little Red Room with some props so we could all recreate our own dance like the Man From Another Place

I took some mediocre photos with my iphone because I was worried that I might forget the whole thing after a few Laura Palmers. Some of my favorite art from the night as well as our Red Room moments.

  • "Water Logged" by Billy Roberts
  • "Invitation to Love" TV Guide cover by Kent Osborne
  • "Way to Go, Pete" by Tony Christopherson (always loved the percolator fish scene)
  • 2 Agent Coopers are on the case. Tal Harris & me (Special Agent Kowalczyk)
  • Luke Stepleton & I sample some Damn Fine Coffee. I believe the line yelled out after this photo was snapped was, “Show More WOOD!”
  • Kent Osborne holds a cup o’ joe & a Palmer. What could be finer?
  • 9 June 2013