Sad Sack Olympian

I'm Kasia Kowalczyk. If being a Sad Sack was a sport, I'd be an Olympian. When I'm not busy being sad, I make films. Sometimes I'm a monster...

Project 365 
Day 2428-30-2014
A caramel corn fire at the Arclight forced us all out onto the street 10 minutes before the end of the film. Tal & I took photos in the parking garage until safety was restored. 
From behind, I may be part of the Guilty Remnant.
From the front, I’m all Fassbender (as Frank).
Long live Pizza!
Project 365 
Day 2418-29-2014
Crazy lengthy afternoon spent at the LA DOT. My reward was this ridiculously tasty cat doughnut and a movie. I wish all of my problems could be solved so easily.
Project 365 
Day 2408-28-2014
A better day. Began thinking about starting my film back up soon. Shopped and hid behind curtains to check their opacity. Turning my apartment into one large girlish set will surely drive me mad. Fingers crossed that my health holds out this time around.
Project 365 
Day 2398-27-2014
A long walk this morning in the predawn hours. Caught a glimpse of the world before everyone wakes. This is the city that always sleeps.

"How do you make new friends?" Unqualified Advice with Jenny Slate [x]

A new way for sad sacks to make friends.

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Project 365 
Day 2388-26-2014
New Meds.Day ruined.Stayed inside.
A diet of saltines. Played with old Halloween makeup and turned my brown eyes blue. Another accidental sad sack day.

Look who takes his ice bucket with a shot of coffee…

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Project 365 
Day 2378-25-2014
Making a shift. Trying out white for a while. Sat on the steps applying lipstick in the hallway mirror, trying to forget the appointment with my surgeon today. Waited for Tal and Josh to arrive so we could watch the Emmys and drink champagne and feel normal.
Project 365 
Day 2368-24-2014
A bit of a blue day throughout. Taking pieces of an old life and safely placing them in storage. Trying to look around and figure out the pieces of a new one.
Project 365 
Day 2358-23-2014
That Awkward Moment.
After seeing Bob Odenkirk moderate a discussion with Matthew Weiner for Are You Here, Tal and I briefly spoke to Bob outside the cinema. I was particularly excited because he had described some of the characters as “Sad Sacks!” At the end, we couldn’t resist gushing about how much we loved his dopey character on Fargo this season and separated because we all had cars to get back to, dinners to eat, etc.
Of course, there was that awkward moment where we all needed to go down the same escalator so suddenly Tal and I are standing 2 steps behind, pretending we didn’t just have a conversation. Apparently, I needed to make this even worse by announcing we weren’t following them on purpose.  Bob was polite…but I think I need to take the stairs from now on. 
Project 365 
Day 2348-22-2014
Started off my movie-watching weekend right by going to see The One I Love. For some freakish reason, I guessed the premise after only seeing the trailer twice. I assumed all women must have the same intuition, but afterwards Mark Duplass assured me that I was the only one. Rather than say anything and spoil it, I will say the actors did a fantastic job and the story is wonderfully bittersweet. The perfect movie for your Sad Sack weekend. Oh and Danson was reunited briefly with the “I Heart Ted Danson” shirt I made for “Ted Danson Tuesday” on Bored To Death many years ago. This time, I did not run from the premises when he spotted it.
The One I Love